Uber Will Allow Users To Pay With Cash In Panama

One of the conveniences of Uber is that no cash is involved with the transactions. It truly is great: Order the Uber, arrive to your destination, and the ride is automatically charged to your credit card. But the problem with this in developing countries is that not everyone has a credit card.

Many users don’t have access to a credit or debit card and would like to have other payment options.

So Uber is doing something a little different in Panama and beginning on Friday, August 5 users will be able to select cash as a payment option for the first time. The option to pay with credit card is never going away but Uber is hoping to tap into a new market of customers that have previously had a barrier to using the application.

How to be part of the cash payment pilot program:

  1. Within the application, users can select the payment option located in the left menu.
  2. Select payment method as “cash”.
  3. Order an Uber from the app.
  4. Once you arrive to your destination you will pay the amount shown on the app at the end of your ride.

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