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Latin America’s most innovative coworking spaces launch in Panama City. Here’s a look at the company disrupting the market & attracting fresh entrepreneurs.

As the saying goes, “today is yesterday’s tomorrow.” Ideas of tomorrow are executed on the regular at Tomorrow Digital Project in Panama City’s Obarrio neighborhood, such as hot-off-the-presses LA MEDIA, a hub of hot-topic videos, from humorous to serious and everything in between—be it a viral song or a delicious recipe. If it’s viral, it’s on LA MEDIA.

In fact, Tomorrow Digital Project is the most influential agency in Latin America, and it’s right here in the heart of Panama City. Also known for being the most integrated innovation agency, the passion and the pulse of Tomorrow goes beyond any concept of time. Boldly stated on the bright yellow website, “Today is overrated.”

A self-described dreamer and futurist, Simón Zebede is the founder and CEO of Tomorrow Digital Project. He brings to the company a wealth of experience and an ability to lead organizations forward, focusing on keeping his constant innovations ahead of the competition and thinking of the future – what’s next, what’s needed, what’s not here yet – what will be what we all “need right now” tomorrow, next week, next year?

[quote text_size=”medium” author=”Simón Zebede”]

Our main philosophy is to disrupt our clients’ perception of advertising by exploring new areas while simultaneously tending to their basic conventional needs. Meaning that we take care of their TV, Print, Radio… but we complement this with an amazing digital strategy that unifies one story. We believe that clients need just one partner to fulfill their needs… not five different agencies.


Simón Zebede, founder & CEO of Tomorrow Digital Project. Photo by Todd Webb, HEADsPACE Photography

Simón went on to explain how at Tomorrow Digital Project, the team starts with the story, the content. From there, they move on into the different media, traditional and digital. The way that people consume brands has changed drastically.

“We help brands understand and act upon this,” he said.

With hands full of projects in the team’s dynamic areas of expertise, from television and film production to print advertising, web, and social media, Tomorrow Digital Project is firing at all cylinders. Major clients include Nike, McDonald’s, Sortis Hotel, Uber, Do It Center, Titan, and Banistmo, just to name a few.

Innovative Coworking Spaces In Panama City

Photo by Todd Webb, HEADsPACE Photography

Along with all of these major name brands under their belt is the company’s own brilliant brainchild, Workings, where you can rent your space, in your style, to do your work, any which way you choose. If you are an entrepreneur, or perhaps you dream of building a startup, Workings was built for you. Those who wish to break off and become independent or run a successful business, the space at Workings is designed for your dream convenience.

During my visit to Workings, I enjoyed dabbling in the various workspaces available. As an active member of the new-age, digital nomad workforce, I am guilty of hanging out at coffee shops for hours on end to finish a laundry list of freelance gigs on the regular.

Photo by Todd Webb, HEADsPACE Photography

However, the essence that is so blatantly lacking in this practice is the feeling of a productive space where your ideas can thrive without unnecessary distractions that come with working somewhere noisy and busy, such as Starbucks.

At Workings, all you need to do is bring your laptop to have a taste. Enjoy an afternoon working in the open space. If you like what you see, but prefer more privacy, look into the offices up for grabs—from a small area just for you to a larger one fit for a growing team. Workings offers a spectrum of spaces to cover all business needs you can imagine. No idea is too big, too small, too crazy. All eclecticisms are welcome with Workings, and challenges are encouraged.

While I do my best work with coffee running through my veins, Workings provided the perfect environment for me to get lost in my work completely – surrounded by other folks working, too, which encouraged me to be effective. And luckily, at Workings, there is a section upstairs called Drinkings, where I can get my coffee fix, or even beer, snacks, etc.

Perhaps the most impressive part of Workings is the firsthand progression of folks who bring their businesses to this coworking office. Those that begin with the basic, open co-work space membership, advance to private offices over time with the help of this impressive incubator. It goes without saying that surrounding yourself with greatness leads to your success, and Workings is a prime example of how that works in real life, with real success stories right here.

Workings has Panama office spaces ready in Punta Pacífica, Obarrio, and Costa del Este. If you’re the traveling type, you will also soon find Workings for you in Bogotá, Colombia and San José, Costa Rica. Spaces range from open coworking spaces, to private desks, to private offices, depending on your needs and your budget.

For more information, visit and today.

This is a sponsored post promoting Tomorrow Digital Project & Workings, and I received compensation in exchange for writing this review. Although this post is sponsored, all opinions are my own, and I will never publish anything that I wouldn’t go to myself. For information on promoting your business through PTY Life visit THIS LINK

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