7 Must-Try Coffee Shops In Panama

Starbucks may have opened their doors in Panama but we already already have some awesome coffee shops!

Head over to these spots to try some of the best local coffee produced in Panama:


Unido’s cozy, chic cafes are one of my favorite spots to go for a cup of coffee in Panama (or when my internet is out). They opened their first cafe in Panama City’s Coco del Mar neighborhood in early 2014 and since then they have opened coffee shops in Casco Viejo, Costa del Este, Marbella, and soon Multiplaza. Their stores feature six different blends of gourmet roasted coffee from Panama and they also serve fantastic breakfast, sandwiches, and salad options. | 399 2408

Bajareque Coffee House

A small coffee shop in Casco Viejo is home to some of the best coffee in Panama. Bajareque Coffee House features high quality coffee from the Elida and El Burro Estates in Boquete, Panama. What’s great about this place is that the farms and coffee house are the same owners so you know you are getting their best batches of coffee. If you’re in Casco you must swing by and try a pour over of their award winning Geisha coffee! | 6157 1590

Nina Café

You can also find Bajareque coffee served at Nina Café inside the beautiful Nina Concept Store in Obarrio. Besides serving great coffee this is an excellent place to go for a relaxing lunch. | 390 5671


Besides having great coffee and tea, Athanasiou is home to one of the best bakeries in Panama and the store is covered wall-to-wall in chocolates, artisan bread, and pastries. They have locations in Costa del Este, Via Porras, and Paitilla.

86-of-107 | 203 1010


Kotowa is an award winning and well-known coffee brand from Boquete, Panama. They have several locations throughout Panama and in Panama City you can always find them inside the Deli Gourmet stores. | 264 8861

Casa Sucre Coffeehouse

Casa Sucre Coffeehouse is a cozy getaway in Casco Viejo where you can enjoy one of their many varieties of Panamanian coffee and breakfast / lunch options. | 6982 2504

New York Bagel Cafe

New York Bagel has been around for a long time in Panama City’s Via Argentina neighborhood. It’s not a place to go for gourmet coffee like the above places but they do have a bottomless coffee mug, funky atmosphere, and awesome big breakfasts.

New York Bagel | 390 6051

You’re lucky to be living in or visiting Panama, so make the most of it by exploring all of these cool spots featuring local Panamanian coffee. See you in the coffee shops!

And where is your favorite spot to go for coffee in Panama? Leave a comment below…

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  1. Emerson Cedeño Salazar

    does anybody know why TÉ CAFÉ closed? that was a stunning place to go either for a shot of coffee or a cup of tea, without mention the dishes! … besides that, awesome article! I'll look forward w/ my wife to check for a couple of missed places (by us) listed here, congrats!

  2. Gustavo Fabbroni

    You are right! I went off the subject there. To bring my gripe into the scope of your article and reddem myself, I will comment that even though I have found it difficult to obtain a good shot at home with locally roasted coffee, an exception to this is Cafe Eleta Espresso Roast with which I always get a very good extraction. I have tried most of the other brands with non-satisfying results. Also it is very hard to get a good espresso at any of the presently popular coffee shops.

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