Barlovento is a rooftop bar that overlooks a beautiful plaza in Casco Viejo. I have been here a few times now and I really like it! The ambience is completely different from Casco’s other rooftop bar, Tantalo. The decor is more rustic and tropical and it offers the view of Casco Viejo instead of the Panama City skyline. They usually have a DJ that plays current crossover and electronic music as well as Latin beats. They do however charge $10 to go in (but girls are free) and the drinks are a little pricey. The place gets packed on the weekends with foreigners and locals so if you go try to arrive a little early.

Barlovento is located on Avenida Central and Calle 10 Oeste in Casco Viejo, Panama

*Photo from Barlovento Facebook page

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  1. Shyara Robles

    It had been raining quite a bit, but by 7:30 pm, the time the event started, the rain had long stopped. However, the floor was not mopped. First turn off. The personnel was nice. She brought us right away the complementary drinks, no napkin… 2nd turn off. An hour or two after my arrival, someone read my mind and dried the floors. I thought, better late than never, right? Third turn off: there was a beer-spill on my table. We called for help. She inmediatelly took care of it. She noticed the floor had stolen some of the beer so she mentioned she was going to take care of that as well (without us telling her). I thought, great! Problem was, she never did. The place wasnt even crowded to excuse the poor service. I love the ambiance. It was the second time I had gone there. The first experiance was by far better. A little attention to detail will definitely improve the experience.

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