Here is a lineup of the 2014 Holiday Calendar (Dias Feriados) in Panama:

Jan 1 (Wednesday): New Year’s Day

Jan 9 (Thursday): M¡rtires Day

Mar 4 (Tuesday): Carnival Day

Apr 18 (Friday): Good Friday

May 1 (Thursday): Labor Day

Nov 3 (Monday): Independence Day from Colombia

Nov 5 (Wednesday): Colon’s Day

Nov 10 (Monday): The Uprising of Los Santos

Nov 28 (Friday): Independence Day from Spain (To be observed, Monday, December 1, 2014)

Dec 8 (Monday): Mother’s Day Panama

Dec 25 (Thursday): Christmas Day

Something different that Panama does than most places is if the holiday falls on a Sunday they move it to Monday so that everyone can have a three day weekend.  They have also moved holidays that were originally on a Thursday or Friday to Monday so that people can have a long weekend as well.  From what I know they still have not decided if they are going to move some of the holidays around to allow longer weekends so I will update the list as soon as it is announced.

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  1. We were thinking about vacationing to Panama (primarily staying in PC with friends but also spending a night in El Valle and Contadora, and maybe Coronado) for 7-10 days at the end of December to early January. Do you think since school is out that would be a crazy, busy chaotic time to visit? Would the tourist sites like the canal and other places be crowded? Thanks!

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