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Let me tell you the truth. The bubble popped in Panama City!

Finally! After years of big buildings going up and no one going in. After several attempts at continuing with a seller’s market, reality finally stepped up and we are experiencing a drop in prices, especially in rent that is unheard of.

This market correction brings new opportunities to the table especially for expats that want to move to the country and invest wisely in the market while not having to dispose of big chunks of money just for moving in. Lets me explain further…

If you were in Panama City for the last 10 years and bought a house and some raw land for appreciation purposes, you would have noticed that prices were going insanely high last year and are waiting for the storm to happen. Some of the expats we know are on the beach waiting in the shadows until things get either better or change – they are not playing at the moment.

So what is the point of this article? It is that actually that you do not have to buy any more – you can rent cheaply. In doing so you can actually invest in cash-flow investments or appreciation opportunities that make you more money instead.

This is the absolute best time to invest in appreciation – just be aware there is a lot of people in circumstances that are not ideal and are selling very cheap. Always do your due diligence with a real estate attorney or consultant that knows the market well.

It is a joy to be living in times where your money can be put to work instead of what we have seen for the last 5 years in a seller’s market. It is our time to shine!

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