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…’cause here in Panamá, when it rains, we pour.

As you may have heard, we’re amidst the wet season here in Panama City. But that doesn’t mean it’s any less fun or inviting, nor is there a shortage of things to do. In fact, the truth is quite the opposite! The city’s various pockets are sprinkled with prime locations for rainy days best spent, especially if you like coffee, cocktails, and live music.

1. Casa Sucre in Casco Viejo

You simply can’t go wrong with Casco Viejo. It’s got a maze of amazing places to explore, from cafés and restaurants to shops and historical landmarks. Should you find yourself there when the sky decides to dump a dose of water, don’t let this rain on your parade. Instead, head over to my favorite spot in Casco, Casa Sucre.

This is the coziest café with an extra lovely ambiance. The folks who work there are warm and welcoming, and they’ve got a fine selection of Panama’s best coffee, as well as a killer food menu, should you arrive hungry. Whenever we go to Casa Sucre, we end up staying for hours because the environment is so chill. It could not be more perfect for a rainy day, though it’s also a fine option for sunny ones, too.

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2. New York Bagel Café in El Cangrejo

New York Bagel Café is my favorite spot to sit for hours on end in El Cangrejo. First to note, the bottomless coffee is unbeatable. Next, which is in its name, the bagels. They are to-die-for. With a fantastic food menu fit for whatever time of day you decide to stroll in, this café is full of folks from all over and a message board upon entering that is full of fun opportunities and activities just waiting to be discovered.

Whether you opt for a table by the window to watch the rain and folks walk by on the ever popular Via Argentina, or you decide to make yourself comfy on one of the couches, you’ll likely stay awhile, if not for the endless coffee, for the people-watching.

3. Pedro Mandinga Rum in Casco Viejo

Maybe you aren’t in the mood for a coffee, and you’d rather have a cocktail. Pedro Mandinga Rum is a perfect spot to take cover during a rainfall. Grab one of the lovely signature cocktails, and take a seat on a comfy chair across from the eclectic art market, Villa Agustina. Watch folks walk by as the rain pitter-patters, and enjoy the ambiance of this intimate bar.

If you’re like me and rum isn’t your poison of choice, you’ll be happy to hear that Pedro has a fully stocked bar, and they also make a mean mimosa (…this I know firsthand). The staff is friendly and happy to help you decide on which drink to start with, should you arrive indecisive. Sit back, relax, and get your buzz on while the rain does its thing.

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4. El Apartamento y El Sótano near Avenida Balboa

Maybe it’s late and you wanted to enjoy a night out frolicking around the trendy Avenida Balboa when the rain starts to fall. Get yourself over to El Apartamento y El Sótano, and you will be all set. These two live music venues, one on top of the other, are perfect for your every need. The drinks keep coming as long as you like, and they are on the cheaper side. Some nights they even have a flat rate for open bar. The food menu is on the smaller side, but for late night grub, it will do.

These unique, quaint, and lively venues set the tone for a good night despite whatever the weather decides to do. Chances are, even if the sky clears and the rain stops, once you’re here, you won’t want to go anywhere else.

This was a guest post by Brittney Schering (@existential_bls), an international writer fluent in wanderlust and wild abandon that made the recent move to Panama. Have an article, idea, opinion, tips, or just about anything else Panama related you would like to write about on PTY Life? Become a guest blogger like Brittney by sending a message to

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Brittney is a global writer and editor fluent in wanderlust with work published in Forbes Travel Guide, Time Out, Culture Trip, International Living, and more. Hailing from Detroit, MI, she first moved to NYC, then LA, and from there, NOLA, before venturing overseas to Panama. Follow Brittney on Instagram at @existential_bls.

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