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Top Souvenirs To Get While You Are In Panama

Instead of getting the typical tourist t-shirt or magnet that says Panama, look into getting these one-of-a-kind items:

Panama Hat

Panama is famous for their Panama Hats, and they are actually in style right now. You can get the smaller, more modern knockoff version of the hat for around $8 or pay up to $100 for a beautiful genuine one that is tightly weaved.

Panama Hat


Molas are a square piecework of fabrics made by the Guna Indians in the San Blas Islands of Panama. You can’t find something like this anywhere in the world.  If you get one that has the geometric shapes, it makes great framed art or throw pillows for your house. Prices normally start at $10 for basic designs and go up based on how intricate they are and size.

Panama Jersey

These make really cool workout shirts for when you go back home. The real ones cost around $50 but I’ve seen some more affordable generic ones at Steven’s in Multiplaza for $15.

Panama Jersey

Ron Abuelo

This is Panama’s national rum and it is delicious! You can purchase a small bottle for under $10 at any grocery or liquor store.

Diablico Sucio Mask

These are masks that are used during Panama’s Corpus Christi Festival and they make really cool wall art. They are slightly harder to find but there are a few places in Casco Viejo that sell them. Here’s a photo of how I have mine displayed in my apartment:

Woven Embera Bowl Or Mask

These are woven handmade bowls and masks made by the Embera Indians in Panama. The bowls are made from natural fibers and dyes found in the forest and can take months to make depending on how intricate the weave is.

Local Gourmet Coffee

There is some really good gourmet coffee that is grown in Panama and it makes a great souvenir to take back home. Check out these local coffee shops to purchase the best Panamanian coffee.


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  1. Luis Enrique Pitti-Sagrera Sobenis

    Panama hats are uber famous, even though they are not actually Panamanian, but from Ecuador! Anyhow, it does make a wonderful gift! Thumbs up to your posts!

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