Panama Detour

Discover the pulse of Panama City on a 5-hour personalized urban walking food tour with blogger Joey Bonura from PTY Life. Visit the historic district & eclectic local neighborhoods while sampling flavorful dishes. Take in city views and back alleyways filled with street art, sample the world’s most expensive coffee, uncover the local craft beer & cocktail scene, bargain at artisan markets, or be spontaneous and take on the day! Price is $69 / person and includes a guided tour, 3-5 food & drink stops, umbrellas during the wet season, and public transportation costs.

Diwi Valiente

*NOTE: The Panama Detour will be conducted by Diwi Valiente for most of 2019 as Joey is traveling in Colombia to start a new food tour and website there. (Joey will be in Panama once a month to do a few tours). Diwi is a passionate local and entrepreneur in Panama City that loves showing people his town so you will be in good hands! 


Experience Panama City Like A Local

I’m Joey, an expat and local blogger in Panama City, Panama. I’ve decided to go from writing about Panama City to actually showing people the ins and out of this hot metropolis. I don’t like to refer to what I’m doing as a “tour” but more of an experience. Consider me your new friend in Panama that’s here to help you discover the secrets of the city.

Photo by Juris Kornets, Natural Selections Photography

I’m not going to tell you the history of every single building we pass or hold up a flag and scream over a loudspeaker (I am knowledgeable, and I will share relevant facts along the way), but please do not sign up for this if you’re looking for that kind of tour. We are going to experience the streets, foods, drinks, people, and culture of Panama that can only be seen with a local. For getting around, there’s no giant tour bus on this tour. We’ll be getting around in style using the multiple forms of public transportation available in Panama City so you can see how real people get around and learn how to use the public transportation yourself.

This is not a tour of Panama with some stranger! This is more like an adventure through the crawl spaces of a burgeoning metropolis with old friends. Joey has a knack for finding the most unique and interesting places in a way that makes you feel more like a traveler and less like a tourist. It felt as if we discovered the city together, seemingly off the cuff. If you’re in Panama spend a day with Joey. The experience is remarkable and you don’t want to miss the hidden gems scattered throughout the city! – Patrick R. via Trip Advisor

So, What Would We Do?

That’s really up to you! Every tour I give is a little different and customized to what your group would like to do and our pace moving throughout the city. Just a general idea of some of the things we can do are… stroll the historic streets of Casco Viejo, try fresh seafood, visit local coffee shops and craft beer breweries, rooftop bars, eat at a typical Panamanian restaurant, light hiking, going to the top of a skyscraper to watch the sunset, visiting hidden artisan markets, and a few other hidden gems. I know the layout of the city like the back of my hand so I will cram in as much as I can during the day.

The one thing we will not be doing is visiting the Panama Canal (unless you REALLY want to or you’re on a limited time layover in Panama City). My reason for this is that it’s something you can easily do on your own and I want to spend time showing you more things off the beaten path. During our day together I’ll be available to help you with suggestions, tips, and booking tours for the rest of your trip and you can pick my brain on what it’s like living in Panama. You also have my personal phone number and email to contact me anytime with questions.

This was the best tour I think I’ve ever been on. It didn’t feel at all like a ‘tour’, but instead like Joey was an old friend showing our group around the coolest parts of the city! Joey was knowledgable and very attentive to the needs of the group. We covered many of the neighbourhoods in the city, from cool and trendy to gritty and colourful! He knew great places for the best food and drink, and it was a pleasure to spend the afternoon on this tour. I would 100% recommend this tour to anyone visiting Panama City. Thanks Joey! – Felicia C. via Trip Advisor

Photo by Juris Kornets, Natural Selections Photography

Sign Up

The cost to go on the tour is just $69 / person with a maximum of 7 people and will last approximately 5 hours. The cost includes a guided tour of Panama City, 3-5 food & drink stops, transportation costs during the tour (bus, metro & Uber rides), umbrellas in case it rains, and hotel pickup and drop off if you’re staying in Panama City. If you are booking a solo tour, I may combine you with another solo traveler or small group, but there will always be a maximum of 6 people to keep it intimate. Please let me know if you have a larger group than seven people and I might be able to accommodate everyone but I prefer to maintain the groups as small as possible.

Photo by Juris Kornets, Natural Selections Photography

While the cost of the tour is $69, most people on my tour end up saving that much money by the end of their trip by learning the local secrets of where to eat, drink, get around, and not get ripped off. I highly recommend doing the tour on the first day of your trip so that you can use your new local knowledge for the remainder of your stay.

To avoid the worst heat of the day I like to begin the tours at 3 pm or later. However, I am completely flexible to start at any time you like so if you would prefer to meet at a different time than on the booking page just let me know. Also, before we meet let me know if there is anything that is important for you to see in Panama City and some general things that you like and don’t like doing.

If you’re ready to begin your experience, BOOK NOW or send me an email to to coordinate.


How much time should I set aside for the tour?

Approximately 5 hours.

How do we get around during the tour?

We do a lot of walking, but we will also utilize different forms of the city’s transportation options to get to certain spots (bus, metro, Uber, or taxi). The cost of transportation is covered during the tour.

Do I need to be super fit for this tour?

You do not need to be super fit but we walk 4-miles during the tour (with breaks in between), so you need to be able to cover this much ground.

How much does the tour cost?

The cost is $69 / person. This includes a guided tour of Panama City, sampling local food & drinks, transportation costs during the tour (bus, metro & Uber rides), umbrellas in case it rains, and hotel pickup and drop off if you’re staying in Panama City.

Can I bring my kids on the tour?

It’s not recommended to bring kids on the tour since we will be walking a lot in very hot and humid weather, eating local food they may not like, and visiting bars. If you would like to bring a kid, it’s still full price and please make sure they do not disturb other group members.

Do we eat during the tour?

We will typically spend the day sampling local food, drinks, coffee, and beer and you’ll most likely be full by the end.

How many people are on each tour?

I conduct tours with a minimum of 1 person and maximum of 7 people. If you have a bigger group, I might be able to accommodate everyone, but I prefer to keep the groups as small as possible. Sometimes I will combine groups (a group of 1 and group of 3 for example), but it will always be a maximum of 7 people. Please let me know if you do not want your group to be combined.

What do I need to bring for the tour?

Just wear comfortable clothing and sneakers/trainers (remember we walk a lot!). If possible, please try to avoid bringing large cameras since we will be going to some of the more local/gritty areas of Panama City. And please bring water because it’s hot!

Where do we meet and at what time?

I can usually meet directly at your hotel or somewhere convenient for both of us and drop you off at your hotel at the end if you are staying in Panama City. You are of course also welcome to stay out longer. To avoid the worst heat of the day, I like to begin the tours at 3 pm or later but am flexible to start at any time.

How can I reserve my spot on the Panama Detour or get more info?

Click BOOK NOW at the top of the page or write to me at