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Best Bars In Panama For Beer Lovers

When you want a cold beer and cool atmosphere these are plenty of places to go in Panama! At these spots you can find local craft beers like Casa Bruja, original house-brewed beers, international IPAs, and of course the classics: Cerveza Panama, Atlas, and Balboa.

Istmo Brew Pub

Istmo is a great spot to hangout with friends! You can try one of their original house-brewed beers, play a game of pool, or listen to live music. They have locations in San Francisco and El Cangrejo.


facebook.com/istmopub | 6206-5205 



Lynchburg serves authentic German food with a wide selection of specialty beers! They also have live music a few nights a week.


facebook.com/lynchburgpty | 398-7737


La Rana Dorada

La Rana Dorada is a popular spot to go for their local house-brewed beers. Be sure to get the boat sampler before you order so you can try them all! They have locations in Casco Viejo, Via Argentina, and Costa del Este.

Rana Dorada

laranadorada.com | 269-2989

Brew Stop

Brew stop has a knowledgable staff that loves beer with an awesome selection of craft and IPA beers like Rogue, Lost Coast, Abita, and more! They have locations in San Francisco and Marbella.

Brew Stop

facebook.com/brewstoppty | 395-9461


LB Bieren

LB Bieren has one of the largest selection of specialty beers and they are actually a retail store that lets you drink the beers you purchase at one of their small tables or take them to go. Located in San Francisco.

LB Bieren

facebook.com/LBBieren | 390-9259


El Apartamento

Feel like you’re drinking at home at El Apartmento! Chill atmosphere to go with friends for a few drinks. Located on Federico Boyd.

El Apartamento

facebook.com/elapartamentopanama | 269-7877


The Londoner

Fun spot to go and play a few games of pool in an English style pub. Located on Calle Uruguay.

The Londoner

The Londoner Pub | 214-4883


Another great restaurant serving authentic German food and international beers in a cozy atmosphere. Located in Coco del Mar.


steinbockpanama.com | 270-2784


Mojitos Sin Mojitos

Chill and casual spot to go in Casco Viejo for some well-priced beers.

Mojitos Sin Mojitos



Red Lion

Pub style spot to go for music and beers with locations in San Francisco, Multicentro, and Casco Viejo.

red lion

Facebook | 303-9923


Casa Bruja Taproom

I saved the best for last… Casa Bruja is my favorite locally brewed beer in Panama and they have recently opened a small taproom at their brewery in Costa del Este. It’s only open Thursday & Friday from 5pm – 9pm and Saturday morning for tours so be sure to stop by for the best beers on tap!


casabruja.com | 302-1466


Where is your favorite spot to grab a beer in Panama City? Leave a comment below. 

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  1. Missy Hellendale

    The Londoner is now charging $7.00 for good local(brewed in Costa del Este) craft beer on tap. That would be 'Chivo Perro IPA' and 'Fula' which is a pilsner, both made by the local brewery: "Casa Bruja Brewery", both really great. But as the price has gone up I will not go there any more. The Blarney Stone still charges $6.00 for a pint of those same beers on tap. And TGI Fridays(of all places) 3 blocks away charges $5.00 for those same great draft local craft beers.

  2. Jimmy Mo

    Atlas or Balboa at these places will set you back at least $2.50 it can go as high as $5 in fancy shmansy places. But yes, i completely agree with this article. As a beer lover myself, these are the places you can find me when I go out at night.

  3. Josh Hemminger

    Good article on beer joints in Panama. It would have been even better if you'd ordered the same brand of beer in each place and reported on the cost. I have no idea what a bottle of Atlas or Balboa costs in Panama City.

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