A new app called Live Walk PTY provides a new and innovative way to explore Panama’s historic Casco Viejo neighborhood by giving users a personal audio guided walking tour.

The app uses your GPS location to guide you to certain points within in Casco Viejo and then users can view photos and listen to an audio reenactment of historial events that happened in the area.

The app was founded by Roberto & Elizabeth Hurtado…

We were walking to Panama’s historic center (the Casco Viejo) one evening in 2013 when the idea to start Live Walk PTY flew into our minds. Our recent travels abroad had opened our eyes to the power a touch of imagination and dramatic re-interpretation had on awakening histories, and we wanted to provide travelers to Panama with a similar fun, immersive opportunity. As our idea developed, we took the “dramatic” aspect one step further by engaging a full cast of actors, a sound director as well as a theater director to create a transportive experience for travelers.

There is a free version of the app available in the Apple App Store (click here to download) where you can preview a few of the points on the tour and if you want to continue the tour using the app its just a $1.99 in-app purchase. The Android version will be available in 2016.

Download the app and leave a comment below what you think!

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