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Panama Film Submitted As Oscar Nomination For First Time

Abner Benaim’s documentary Invasion has been submitted as an Oscar nomination in the Foreign Language Film category – making it the first time a film from Panama has been chosen for the honor.

The documentary explores the 1989 U.S. invasion of Panama where the U.S. practiced unnecessary force to oust Panama’s dictator Manuel Noriega. Events are captured from the eyes of ordinary Panamanians with reenactments and interviews, using stories from people nearly killed in the bombings, journalists, and historians. It also explores the collective amnesia of the event as many locals have almost forgotten it happened at all.

Invasion was a hit at Panama’s International Film Festival and won both the Best Documentary Audience Award and the MasterCard Central America and Caribbean Audience Award.

If you missed seeing Invasion during the International Film Festival you can now watch it at several of the local movie theaters in Panama for a limited time.

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