diablico sucio

Diablico Sucio Wall Art

diablico sucioI bought this awesome Diablico Sucio mask at the Panamanian Artisan Fair at Atlapa a few months ago.  Diablicos Sucios translates to “Dirty Devils” and are used in a dance during the Corpus Christi festival in Chitré, Panam¡.  The dance represents the battle between devils and an angel for the soul of a mortal.

I had always wanted one but never really saw them at any of the artisan shops. So when I came across this one for $55 I had to get it. It’s been sitting in my apartment ever since I got it and I finally got around to hanging it up last weekend. Someone told me it’s bad luck to have a Diablico Sucio mask in the house, but I think it looks amazing and definitely adds something unique to my apartment.

What do you all think of it?

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