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A few weeks ago I wrote a post about how I was beginning classes at Casco Antiguo Spanish School. I’ve been going there every Saturday morning for three hours – giving up my Friday nights in Panama – so I can finally get better at speaking the language of the county I am living in.

The Spanish classes that I took in college always had around 30 people in the room so I really didn’t get to do much speaking during them. Then when I took classes for a little bit a year ago I was in a group of four people, which I found to be much more beneficial. So this time around I am going at it with a different approach by doing it solo – just me and the teacher.

The program I am doing is the 1 to 1 Spanish Immersion Program and it has been awesome so far! I have taken 4 or 5 classes at this point and I feel like I am making progress.

This is my teacher Sara and she is from Barcelona, Spain:

Spanish Immersion Classes In Panama At Casco Antiguo Spanish School

We have been going over the grammar basics for my first couple of classes (ser, estar, por, para, past tense and future tense) and what I have found really helpful is the amount of time I am forced to speak Spanish during class. Speaking three hours in a row of Spanish is more than I used to speak in a month! Sara also does a good job of mixing the teaching formats so we do a mix of conversation, reading, writing, and games.

Now when I am outside of class I feel less oblivious to what is going on when people are speaking Spanish around me and I have more confidence to try and chime to a conversation.

[adrotate banner=”18″]With the progress I am seeing these classes have really been a wake up call to how much Spanish I DID NOT know. I was way too comfortable with the amount that I knew getting by on a daily basis.  I feel like it’s going to be a while before I can tell someone a story correctly in past tense but I have improved a lot now that I am practicing.

If I could go back to my first month in Panama, I wish I had done a Spanish immersion program like this everyday for at least a month straight because I would probably be much better off. It’s possible to get by here only knowing a little Spanish but it’s a lot more enjoyable when you know a lot of Spanish.

The school I am going to offers a Small Group Intensive Course, where you spend 20 hours/week learning Spanish in a small group setting. That would be a really good program for anyone who has the time and wants to learn Spanish as quickly as possible.

And in case anyone else is interested in doing the 1 on 1 Spanish program like I am doing, you can head over to THIS LINK for more details.

Spanish Immersion Class in Panama at Casco Anitguo Spanish School
Hanging out on the hammock at Casco Antiguo Spanish School

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