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If you’re anything like me, you likely daydream about treating yourself to a shopping trip for a nice new dress to wear to work or for an upcoming date night out on the town. Whatever the special occasion may be, that little voice creeps into your head that says, “You know you don’t need more clothing. That money is best spent elsewhere or better yet, you should just save it.”

Photo by Todd Webb, HEADsPACE Photography

Then I discovered Promises Charity Boutique—a trendy, upscale shop where my purchases are something I can feel good about. As I buy high-end, name-brand luxury items to add to my closet, they come at a very pocket-friendly price, creating a win-win situation for all involved. You see, by shopping at Promises Charity Boutique, every item of clothing is linked to a charity. So, when you buy, you’re giving a donation to the charity attached to the item. Every purchase you make is a direct donation to a specific cause, be it Funacáncer, FundAyuda, Casita de Mausi, Luz&Vida, or Cruz Blanca Panameña, just to name a few.

Photo by Todd Webb, HEADsPACE Photography

Prior to moving here to Panamá, I lived in several, trendy big cities across the United States—Los Angeles, New York, and most recently, New Orleans. One thing I loved most about living in these big cities was the big wins I’d make when shopping the local thrift stores. From my go-to being the hot and hip Buffalo Exchange, to other staples such as Goodwill, Crossroads, and Plato’s Closet, wherever a secondhand shop would pop up, I would be sure to visit. The items I’d find would be in prime condition, for a fraction of the original price. Who can say no to a bargain like that?

Photo by Todd Webb, HEADsPACE Photography

With Promises Charity Boutique, this amazing thrift shop takes secondhand clothing one step further. Actually, two steps. Not only are they strictly high-end, luxury clothing, but they are 100% charity-based. And if you haven’t visited the shop, you must! The featured clothing for sale is immaculate, and the low prices will result in your need to retrieve your jaw from the floor in the very best way.

Photo by Todd Webb, HEADsPACE Photography

Don’t take my word for it, though. Have a look for yourself. Visit this lovely boutique located in the amazing San Francisco neighborhood, and you will be so glad you did. As will your closet, and your wallet, and the charity you are directly contributing to via your purchase.

Photo by Todd Webb, HEADsPACE Photography

I don’t know about you, but this is one divine opportunity for feel-good retail therapy that I cannot turn down. Without further ado, I’ll bid you adieu, and see you at Promises Charity Boutique.

Photo by Todd Webb, HEADsPACE Photography

Located at: San Francisco, Calle 74 PH Golf Plaza in Panama City, Panama, follow Promises on Facebook, Instagram @PromisesPanama, and visit their website for more information.

This was a guest post by Brittney Schering (@existential_bls), an international writer fluent in wanderlust and wild abandon that made the recent move to Panama. Have an article, idea, opinion, tips, or just about anything else Panama related you would like to write about on PTY Life? Become a guest blogger like Brittney by sending a message to

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Brittney is a global writer and editor fluent in wanderlust with work published in Forbes Travel Guide, Time Out, Culture Trip, International Living, and more. Hailing from Detroit, MI, she first moved to NYC, then LA, and from there, NOLA, before venturing overseas to Panama. Follow Brittney on Instagram at @existential_bls.

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