Panama’s new metro recently opened and while passengers are loving the fast transportation system, taxi drivers are not a fan.

Before the metro opened, Panama’s infamous taxi drivers used to either drive around the city piling as many people as they could in a car or they would stop and say “No Voy” (I’m not going there) after stating your destination. But the tables have turned and now they are actually desperate for passengers.

According to La Prensa, with the introduction of the metro more passengers have elected to use that and the metro bus to get around instead of the taxis they once depended on.

Taxi Drivers are now driving around the city everyday of the week honking at passengers to try and get people to ride with them when they used to only search for passengers on Sundays.

Now the taxi drivers want to go. – claimed an annoyed user.

Some users have also claimed taxis are charging discriminatory prices to people who request to get dropped off at a Metro station. One user claimed that a taxi driver made her pay $4 for a trip that used to cost $2.

People don’t want to use the taxis anymore, their fares are higher than the metro and it takes longer. – Analida Chirº.

The taxi drivers don’t believe this is going to last since the metro is currently free to use. They believe that once the metro fares are announced people will resume using taxis like before.

What do you think? Will taxi service resume back to normal or should drivers take this opportunity to improve their service and win passengers back?

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  1. Stephanie Halcomb Reply

    Good! Taxi drivers are jerks. Sometimes I'd get rejected by 10 taxi drivers before I found a nice one….And I always offered to pay more than average! They're stupid and now get to deal with the consequences of their actions.

  2. First of all Panamanians cannot drive, second.. their country cannot enforce the laws. So, who in their right minds would ever get into a taxi here in panama. Also the average taxi license plate is 2012. Folks, it is 2014!! That means no insurance on the taxi, no current registration, No current lic. plate, and most likely has many traffic tickets he has not paid in years……. in short, this means his driver's license is expired!!!!!!! Don't trust them. Take it from a retired U.S. Army Airborne Infantryman!!! H-Minus.

  3. Jonathan De Fr­as Carrasco Reply

    I totally agree with that. When I went to Casco Viejo, the taxie driver said me NO VOY!!! That put me unhappy. I think that they had their opportunity to improve a better service and didn´t make it.

  4. Phyllis Day I agree. Overcharging, refusal to go certain places, refusal to admit they don't know how to get some where and then charging for driving all over the city.

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