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Guest post by Punta Pacifica Realty.

6 months ago, my wife, Dorina; 10-year-old son, Declan; and our Jack Russell terrier, Jazz moved into our new apartment in Naos Harbour Island Residences and Marina, on the Amador Causeway. It was a big move for my family, switching from the intensity of central Panama City to Amador’s waterfront lifestyle. But we believed in the area and the development and we were ready to make the investment.

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It was also a big move for me professionally. As PPR’s sales and property manager for Naos, I was eager to get more deeply involved in the community, to really share the experience with the owners and renters, and help make Naos a great place to live.

These days I am an on-site presence, around the clock, working with the Naos administration to better the overall day-to-day building operations. I get to be hands-on, helping the residents in any way I can.

It’s a great community and I’ve already found many ways I can get involved, including helping as a liaison on the continued work on the property and assisting residents to get timely responses to their queries. Simply by being around and part of the development, I am working with the Naos administration to streamline systems and better prepare units for sale and rent.

On a personal note, the family move has been spectacular. Before Panama, we lived on the island of St. Maarten for nearly 10 years and we have missed that the Caribbean feel living in the city.  We now have a full appreciation of the lifestyle on Amador Causeway, which revolves around the fresh air, parks and the beautiful ocean. It really feels like home to us.  From our balcony we can enjoy the views and watch the ships sail in and out of the Panama Canal, the location which makes Amador one-of-a-kind.

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Before Amador, we lived in Paitilla, the bustling downtown neighborhood, where we lived for 5 of our 7 years in Panama. It was a great experience, living in the heart of the city and even with amazing views of the ocean and city from our apartment, nothing can compare to this style of oceanfront living.

Life is very different on Amador. We wake up to passing ships, paddlers and the sound of the ocean. We had grown accustomed to the honking and yelling and the hammering and the downshifting trucks and the wide variety of other sounds that are the backdrop of city life. At Naos, because of its location on the island, it’s actually the ocean that makes the most noise now, which is just fine by us.

It took a few days to adjust to the idea we could sit on our balcony overlooking the entrance to the Canal and hear nothing except the water and the birds. It is really something special and incredible.

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The other day, Dorina commented on how amazing it is to leave our house, breathe fresh air and enjoy the views of the drive into the city. It changes your whole attitude on the day. Cinta Costera 3 is a beautiful drive with no traffic, which makes the ride in and out of the city smooth and easy.

Dorina owns a beauty salon in Marbella and it takes her exactly 17 minutes to get to work on most days. Improvements to the Amador roads completed months ago really improved the commute into Amador in the evenings and at heavy traffic times. We’ve seen a huge change, with congestion which is now a rarity.

But I have the better part of the deal. I get to live and work in Naos, spending my days on Amador. I spend more hours with my son Declan and Jazz outside,  in the park, on our bikes and it is really nice to take a lunch break on the water.

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I have big plans for Naos. Now that I am on the site full-time, I am looking to make partnerships for dry cleaning, produce and fish delivery services, and on-site yoga classes. I can see the community growing, as Amador evolves and develops.

I know things won’t happen overnight. This is Panama and everything is a process. But I think amazing things are going to come to Naos and the Amador Causeway, which is why I am so happy to call the area home.

bkfotobwBrian Kelly lives on-site and is the Project Manager for Naos Harbour Island Residences and Marina the premier development on the fast-growing Amador Causeway. Click to learn more:

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