Xuvia Tequila Lounge

A few week’s ago I was invited to the soft opening party for a new Tequila lounge in Panama called Xuvia (pronounced shoovia). It’s located at Ocean Mall in Costa del Este which is an area of the city I don’t venture to very often, but I couldn’t believe how many new restaurants had set up shop there since I was last in the area. There was an Athanasiou, Go Green, and a few other places that have locations in the city.

My friends and I headed up to the second floor where Xuvia is located and grabbed a seat at the bar. The venue has luxurious and tasteful decor, beautiful outdoor terrace, and rows and rows of shelving to store the over 150 brands of tequila.

Xuvia Bar

We were quickly served a welcome drink and I have no idea what it was but I liked it. They also brought out various dishes to try that were an innovative combination of Mexican, international, and local elements.

Welcome drink

During the night we met the owners Alex and his Dad. They are from the U.S. but lived in Mexico for years and have now ended up in Panama after falling in love with the country. They noticed that there weren’t really any tequila places in Panama so they decided to introduce a new concept.

Alex (owner), Arturo, Claudia, and I trying one of the 150+ brands of tequila

Alex (owner), Arturo, Claudia, and I trying one of the 150+ brands of tequila

The official grand opening of Xuvia is this Saturday, May 24 at 7:30 pm. They will be offering a select menu with some of their best plates and a welcome drink for everyone on the house. They will also be debuting their premium cocktail menu featuring one-of-a-kind tequila drinks as well as a full cash bar. Highlighting the evening will be a live musician. If you would like to reserve a table send an email to info@xuvialounge.com.

For more information about Xuvia, visit their website or Facebook Page.


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