Top souvenirs to get while you are in Panama

Instead of getting the standard tourist t-shirt that says Panama, look into getting these one of a kind items while you are in Panama:

Panama Hat: Panama is famous for their Panama Hats, and they are actually in style right now.  But I would recommend getting the smaller, more modern version of the hat.  You should be able to pick one up in Casco Viejo for about $8.

Mola: Molas are a square piecework of fabrics made by the Kuna indians of Panama.  You can’t find something like this anywhere in the world.  If you get one that has the geometric shapes, it makes great framed art for your house. Prices range from $10-$20 in Casco Viejo.

Panama Soccer/Futbol Jersey: These make really cool workout shirts for when you go back home.  You can find them at Champs in Multiplaza for about $13.

Ron Abuelo: This is Panama’s national rum and it is delicious! You can purchase a small bottle for under $10 at any grocery store.

Strawberry Jelly: If you happen to go to Chiriqui while you are in Panama, stock up on the homemade strawberry jelly made there.

Diablico Sucio Mask: These are paper m¢ché masks that are used during Panama’s Corpus Christi Festival and they make really cool wall art. They are slightly harder to find but there are a few places in Casco Viejo that sell them.

Cerveza Panama T Shirt: If you must get a t shirt then go with one of the Cerveza Panama t shirts or tank tops. You’ll be able to find them at any gift shop.

Woven Embera Bowl: These are woven handmade bowls by the Embera Indians in Panama.

Gourmet Coffee: There is some really good gourmet coffee that is grown in Panama and it makes a great souvenir to take back home.  My favorite brand is Bajareque and you can purchase it from their cafe in Casco Viejo.


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  1. Luis Enrique Pitti-Sagrera Sobenis

    Panama hats are uber famous, even though they are not actually Panamanian, but from Ecuador! Anyhow, it does make a wonderful gift! Thumbs up to your posts!

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