Teatro Amador

Teatro Amador

I first heard about Teatro Amador a few months ago when I stumbled upon their Facebook page. The idea of it intrigued me: An old theatre in Casco Viejo being restored to be a nightclub and event venue. It instantly sounded like it a great idea because before this there was not anything that I would consider to be a nightclub in Casco.  I kept up with their updates through Facebook about events they were doing and everything looked really good.  They started a weekly event called “Late Night Music” where various DJs from Panama play electronic music and there’s free cover before 12.  Free cover and electronic music are two of my favorite things that could be involved with Panama nightlife so I was dying to check this place out.  Weeks went by that I didn’t get to go to Teatro Amador because of birthdays, going to the beach, or some other excuse.  But this past Friday I decided no matter what, I am going.

Teatro Amador Casco Viejo Panama City Panama

I rallied up two of my friends and we met at my apartment to have a few drinks before going.  When it was 11:30 we decided it was time to head on out to make it on time for the free cover.  We waived down a taxi and got a decent price of $4 for a cab from San Francisco to Casco.

When we arrived to Teatro Amador the outside is really cool.  They kept all of the theatre finishes and restored it to it’s former glory.  When we got inside it was unlike anything I have seen in Casco Viejo before.  Tall ceilings with club lights swinging in all directions, a DJ at the front with a huge projection screen behind him, and a stairs leading up to a second level where you could overlook everyone on the dance floor.  We opted to head up to the second level to buy a bottle before going out on the dance floor.

Teatro Amador Casco Viejo Panama City Panama

It was $68 for a bottle of Smirnoff and all the mixers, which we calculated was cheaper than having to pay $7 a drink.  It also made the night very fun.

After an hour of finishing our bottle we headed down to the dance floor to fist pump the night away.  The music was really good but I would have liked to hear some David Guetta or Calvin Harris type songs mixed in because they only played electronic house music without words. But overall we had such a fun night and I can’t wait to go back!

Teatro Amador is located on Avenida Central and Calle 11 Este in Casco Viejo, Panama.  To get on the list for free cover before 12, email one of the promotors faisal.alberto@gmail.com or diegcam12@gmail.com.

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