If you want to do a quick and easy day trip to the beach, Taboga Island is a great place to go. Normally you have to drive about an hour to get to the closest beach in Panama, and it you don’t have a car that can be a problem. Taboga island is accessible from a ferry that you take from The Causeway, which is a quick taxi ride away. The ferry only costs $12 round trip and gets you there in 45 or 20 minutes depending on which one you take. You can even bring your dog for an extra $5. This is a great place to go with friends on a Sunday afternoon with a cooler of beer and relax in the sun. The island is not very big and it’s definitely not the greatest beach in Panama, but if you’re craving to go to the beach this is a really easy option to do. My recommendation for lunch there is to grab some pizza from Vereda. It’s a small restaurant/hotel that has good food and a great view of the ocean while you eat.

Ferry Schedule:

Calypso Ferry (Contact info 314-1730, 390-2403): Leaves from The Causeway, from mi playita by the Mi Ranchito Restaurant. The duration is 1 hour and $12 round trip. Tickets can be purchased at a booth near the dock.

Monday/Friday: Leaves Panama at 8:30am and 3pm and leaves Taboga at 9:30am and 4pm.

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday: Leaves Panama at 8:30am and leaves Taboga at 4pm.

Saturday and Sunday: Leaves Panama at 8am, 10:30am, and 4pm. Leaves Taboga at 9am, 3pm, and 5pm.

Mogo Mogo Ferry (Contact Info 314-0572; 314-0571; 6615-1392) : This is the fast boat and will get you to Taboga in 30 minutes. This is also on The Causeway but located at Balboa Yacht Club, which is by Country Inn & Suites Hotel and TGI Friday´s.

Daily: Leaves Panama at 8:30am and 3pm. Leaves Taboga at 9am and 4pm.

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I'm from Louisville, Kentucky and moved to Panama in 2011 to finish a degree in International Business. I enjoyed the hot tropical weather and the lifestyle on offer in Panama City so much that I decided to make it my permanent residence. Follow @JoeyBonura on Twitter and Instagram for more updates on my life in Panama.

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