I use prepaid Digicel service as my cell phone provider in Panama because they have the fastest and most affordable data plan ($14.95 for 3GB a month). And while I enjoy using the cheap service it does come with a really annoying feature: PROMOTIONAL TEXT MESSAGES!

Previously I would get at least five promotional text messages a day from them and I seriously wanted to throw my phone across the room every time I heard the “bing” sound and it was them. I did some research on Google and asked the people at the Digicel store how to make them stop and I couldn’t find any answers. I eventually discovered the solution to making the messages stop on my own.

Here’s how:

This trick only works on iPhone (there is probably a way to do it on Android too) and it is extremely simple to do.

1. Whenever you get a new promotional text message open it up and then click “Contact” in the top right corner.

2. Click the “i” icon that appears.

3. Scroll down and click “Block this caller”

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That’s it! You won’t receive anymore annoying promotional text messages from that number. You have to do this for every text you receive so it will be a lot at first but eventually you will begin to receive less spam messages.

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  1. that does not work for me at all. If you block a number it is usually listed under blocked numbers. But Digicel is not sending from a certain number. They use “digicel” as sender identification.

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