Instead of heading to the interior of Panama during Semana Santa like everyone else this weekend, I decided to stay home in the city and be productive. I’ve made a few tweaks and changes on my blog, did laundry, and binged on Netflix for a few hours.

One of the items that has been in my iPhone reminders for a while has been to write a new article on crashing hotel pools in Panama City and this weekend seemed like a good one to finally accomplish that. The first article I wrote included five hotel pools that I snuck into and how I did it. Since then I have crashed two more pools and today I went wild and crashed THREE!

Like I said in the first article, buy food and drinks while you’re there and say your paying with cash if they ask for a room number. Also dress as gringo as possible and forget you know any Spanish and you’ll be good.

Here are the 5 new pools to crash:

1. Waldorf Astoria: Walk in and take an immediate left to access the elevators. Take the elevator up to floor P and you’re at the pool. Towels are located at the back near the bar and bathrooms. One of my favorite parts of the pool was the giant hot tub which is a rare find in Panama City. The water in the hot tub overflows into the swimming pool so the pool water is the perfect temperature instead of freezing cold. I purchased a bottle of water while I was there and it was $5 for a small bottle of Fiji water, looking back I should I purchased a beer!

Waldorf Astoria Pool Panama
Waldorf Astoria Pool


2. Radisson Decapolis: The pool is definitely slacking compared to the rest of the hotel. It was very small and the atmosphere didn’t really match the same modern chic vibe that the rest of the hotel has. To get to the pool area just head up to the 4th floor once you’re in the hotel.

Radisson Decapolis Pool Panama
Decapolis Pool


3. Granada Urban Hotel: This hotel has one of Panama’s most iconic sculptures of a giant woman on all fours right in front of it so I was kind of curious what’s on the inside. From outside it looked like the pool was located on the second or third floor but after going up the elevator and not being able to find it I had to take a chance at blowing my cover and ask one of the staff where the pool was located. It’s actually on the main floor so when you walk in head straight and to the left and there’s a door that says pool on it. There is a really nice tanning deck with a hot tub on a raised area next to the pool.

Granada Urban Hotel Pool Panama City Panama
Granada Pool


4. Riu Plaza: I thought this pool was really nice and they have delicious sandwiches at a very reasonable price. The pool is located on the main floor so head towards the back left area past the reception desk to get there.

Riu Plaza Panama Pool
Riu Plaza Pool


5. Aloft: This hotel recently opened near me in San Francisco so I decided to check it out one day while I was bored. To get to the pool head up the escalators by the entrance, take a right near the bar, and then you’ll see some doors leading outside. The pool is small but they did a really good job with the decorations and the entire hotel looks very cool and modern.

Aloft Pool Panama City Panama
Aloft Pool


Overall I wasn’t too impressed with the pools in this round of pool crashing compared to the first one. Between both articles I would have to say the best pools in Panama are Hard Rock Hotel, Trump Ocean Club, Manrey Hotel, and Waldorf Astoria.

Have you ever crashed a pool in Panama City? Share your experience below:



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