10 Nightlife Spots to Experience Before You Leave Panama

Panamanians always enjoy a good party! The nightlife here offers a little bit of something for everyone, from underground lairs to chic overpriced nightclubs with Panama’s “yeyecito” crowd. Most of the spots on this list are located in Casco Viejo, which in recent years has become the new epicenter of Panama City nightlife. From Sunday – Wednesday bars close at 3 am and Thursday, Friday, and Saturday bars close at 4 am. There are a few secret spots that stay open later but you’ll have to discover those for yourself 🙂

Here are the top 10 places you have to visit to get the best experience out of Panama’s nightlife:


This was one of the first really good bars in Casco to open and it’s still a really popular place to go. It’s located on the bottom floor of Luna’s Castle Hostel with a large outdoor terrace and a cave-like indoor bar. Relic usually has a good mix of backpackers, foreigners, and locals. It gets extremely crowded on Friday and Saturday so if you want a more chill atmosphere go on Thursday. Free cover here.


Teatro Amador

This restored theatre has turned into one of Panama’s top spots to party at! Every Thursday Teatro Amador features underground electronic music by local and international DJs as part of their Late Night Music series. Then on Friday the atmosphere becomes hot and tropical with latin and salsa sounds for their Dizzfruta night. And on Saturday anything goes with their PUNCH party series featuring the latest crossover music.

Teatro Amador


Stringed lights, good DJ, skyline view, and trendy Panamanians and foreigners always create the perfect party atmosphere at Tantalo’s Rooftop. On Tuesday’s they have Artes Martes where they have a live artistic performance, Wednesday is Latin Night, Thursday is Ladies Night, and on Friday, Saturday, & Sunday you’ll find a trendy crowd dancing to the latest DJ mixes.

Tantalo hotel


Casa Jaguar

One of the newer spots to open up. Once the clock strikes midnight, Casa Jaguar starts to get wild on any given Friday or Saturday.

casa jaguar


La Buat

La Buat plays a good mix of dance music, reggaeton, and just about anything else and they are constantly bringing in guest DJs. They also have good deals on bottles and drinks so it’s a good place to go for a night of drunken fist pumping!

La Buat


Danilo’s Jazz Club

Listen to Panama’s best live jazz music at the beautifully restored American Trade Hotel in Casco Viejo.

Danilo's jazz club


Chupitos 507

Panama City’s first shot bar features over 70 creative shots ranging from fire, beer bongs, and an infamous shot incorporating a special toy. Most shots are $5 but you can also pay $25 for open shots all night so it’s a fun spot to pregame at before heading to one of the nearby nightclubs. Be sure to also stop by their ladies night every Thursday where girls drink for free from 9:30pm to 11:30pm.


Gatto Blanco

This is located on the roof of the Casa Nuratti Hotel in Casco Viejo. The relaxed intimate setting provides great views of the Panama City skyline and Casco Viejo.

Gatto Blanco


Villa Agustina

The open-air bohemian vibe of Villa Agustina sets the perfect mood to let loose and party the night away. The venue is extremely casual and it’s one of the few bars in Panama you can fit in wearing shorts and a t shirt. Visit their Facebook Page to see their full event schedule.

villa agustina


El Sotano / El Apartamento

There’s no place like home, right? El Sotano (The Basement) and El Apartamento (The Apartment) has transformed a giant yellow house in Bella Vista into a bar and event venue. You can usually find live rock music on the first floor or head up to El Apartamento, which literally looks like an apartment, to listen to chill indie jams and enjoy a few drinks.



So that’s my top 10 list of nightspots to visit before you leave Panama. There’s a lot more places that I wish I could add to the list but I think those give you the best mix of everything. Leave a comment below with your favorite bars and clubs to go to! And be sure to visit the PTY Life Event Page for the best parties happening every weekend!

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  1. Sandrine

    Great article Joey,

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  2. Fitness Motivation & Sexy Bodies

    I love your BLOG man! I was born and raised in Panama and lived there for 20 years before I moved. I now live in Florida, but I haven't been back home since the treaty was signed over to Panama…

    I sure do miss it!

    You blog does the trick for me and I feel that I'm right at home…


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