The following article was submitted by Marilyn Johnson, PR Manager of Panama Hospice & Respite:

Are you aware of the Panama Hospice and Respite Foundation? Established in 2013, we are working to ensure that all English speaking residents of Panama recognize our name and know about our services!

Our primary objective is to provide hospice support to all English speaking people in Panama (not just expats) who have a terminal illness and are in the final weeks of life, as well as providing some respite to their caregivers. This support is not intended to replace the client´s own health care team and care givers, but will augment the care already provided by them. Additionally, we can help those who are temporarily in need of assistance.

We also offer a “loan cupboard” to provide home health-care items on a limited time basis to assist families in caring for their loved ones more easily and comfortably. This is free of charge but we ask for a small voluntary donation to help us acquire these items

We supply information to our community on managing health care while aging, understanding the medical and legal issues surrounding health care and dealing with the process of aging in Panama, and as part of this community service we will also have a blood donor roster system that people can access in an emergency

We are a totally volunteer organization and as such depend on donations in the form of financial support and/or appropriate home-care equipment. We have a program of Founding Members (donors of at least $ 100) and Diamond Founders (donors of $ 500 or more). Should you wish to be a Founding or Diamond Founding Donor, you have until Aug 1, 2014 to donate and have your name listed as such on our website.

We are always looking for more volunteers in many areas to help us continue this good work and contribute to the well-being of our community. Free training is of course provided.

Panama Hospice and Respite is following the example of the successful volunteer Hospice program in Boquete and we will soon be announcing a new chapter opening in the Coronado area so that we can reach even more people.

For more details about Panama Hospice and Respite Foundation, to volunteer as a caregiver, make a donation or to access related information, please visit us at our website:


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