Onplog Casco Viejo Panama

Backlit wall made of spare computer parts

A new bar just opened in Casco Viejo called Onplog and it is unlike anything I have seen in Panama. You are immediately entered into a different world full of Panamanian hipsters smoking hookah, creative decor, and good music. There was also no cover charge which is always a plus in Panama. The ceilings are very low with a basement feel but it plays out well for the chill atmosphere. Then behind a pretty much hidden door leads you into an open air room with umbrellas and lights hanging from the ceiling, a pool table, and some vintage airplane seats to lounge in. The entire time I was thinking how did someone come up with all this, because all of the decorations were so creative.
If you’re in Casco, stop by this place for a drink and you won’t be disappointed. It is located on Calle 11 near Rana Dorada.



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