It has happened to all of us: We spend the night raging at a bar in Casco Viejo then 4 AM comes around and it’s suddenly time to head home. But the only thing on your mind now is FOOD. The munchies hit you out of nowhere and it can only be satisfied by something greasy and delicious. But where do you go at 4 AM? Call an Uber (free ride with code UBERPTYLIFE) or Tu Chofer (free ride with code PTYLIFE10) and head over to one of these late night dining options in Panama City:

1. Niko’s Cafe

The night just doesn’t end right without a late night trip to Niko’s Cafe. Niko’s is the most popular place for late night dining and you can choose one of their sandwiches to eat or head over to the other line that has cafeteria style options ready to go.

Located on Calle 50 and Calle 65 in San Francisco

2. Costa Azul

I think Costa Azul is my favorite dining option at 4 am. The food is better than Niko’s and they bring the food out relatively quickly.

Located on Calle Ricardo Arias in the Banking District

3. Executive Café in Hotel Ejecutivo

They serve excellent food here BUT they take FOREVER to bring it out. Last time I went here we waited over an hour for our food to be brought out and by then we were taking a nap on the table.

4. Del Prado

Good food and they bring it out pretty quickly.

Located on Via Argentina in El Cangrejo

5. Las Hadas at The Sheraton

The Sheraton Hotel has a 24 hour cafe with really good food but when you arrive at 4 am they take forever to prepare the food. I ordered a simple egg wrap during my last visit there and it took an hour for them to make it.

Located on Via Israel and Calle 77 in San Francisco

6. Taco Stand at Plaza New York

I don’t know the official name of this place but in Plaza New York there is an awesome taco stand open in the wee hours of the night.

Located in Plaza New York and Calle 50

7. Street Meat

When in doubt eat some nearby street meat! You can usually find a few locals grilling meat around in Casco Viejo.

Where is your favorite late night dining option in Panama City? Leave a comment below:

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    there is a place in via españa right next to the via argentina metro station, i dont remember the name but they have one of the best shawarmas in the city and its open 24 hours

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