Panama’s Servicio Nacional de Migraci³n confirmed that this October there will be another immigration fair known as Crisol de razas , which literally means melting pot. The immigration fair allows foreigners in Panama to get a visa and work permit in just a few days.

This will be the last immigration fair of the year and it will take place October 2 – 12 at the Roberto Duran Gymnasium.

The visa obtained during the immigration fair is popular with citizens from countries that are not allowed to apply for the Paises Especificos Visa or for people wanting a quick visa and work permit that only want to spend a few years in Panama as opposed to getting permanent residency. Also, while the visa is obtained in only a few days, it involves camping out in a long line during those few days so it’s not a pleasant experience.

The cost of the visa starts at $767.00 + $500 for the work permit so $1,267 total, so it is a savings over getting the Paises Especificos Visa and work permit which can cost a total of $3,000 – $5,000 and take 9 months. But it does not grant permanent residency like that one does.

According to La Prensa, 48,000 foreigners have obtained a visa during the Crisol de razas since it started in 2010.

The biggest benefit of easily legalizing foreigners is that they will be required to pay taxes but many locals are worried that having a process this simple will increase crime from people coming in from other countries.

I was able to find the past requirements for the Crisol de razas on this website, but once the date gets closer full details will be on the Servicio Nacional de Migraci³n de Panam¡ website with a form to make an appointment.

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