Panama can be as expensive or inexpensive as you want it to be.  Here’s my 5 favorite activities to do in Panama that don’t cost a penny:
Cinta Costera: This is a recently created oceanfront strip of parks that goes from Paitilla to Casco Viejo and has great views of the city and bay.  I enjoy going there to walk, run, or use the new free workout equipment.  There’s also several tennis and basketball courts that everyone can use.
Cinta Costera
Pool crashing: Every once in a while when I want to feel like I’m on vacation I go relax at one of Panama City’s luxury hotel pools.  It’s technically sneaking in but they usually don’t say anything.  CLICK HERE to read my detailed pool crashing article.
Cero Ancon: If you have noticed a giant hill with a Panama flag on the top of it, that is Cero Ancon.  It’s about a 40 minute walk to the top and has a pretty awesome view of Panama City.  Great workout if you try to run up it.
Cero Ancon
Panama Viejo: These are the ruins left of where the capitol of Panama once was.  I brought my dog here a few months ago and he had a great time.  I’m kind of surprised that they allow people to completely roam freely through them.
Panama ViejoMv
Walk around Casco Viejo: Even though I live here I enjoy doing “touristy” things sometimes.  Casco Viejo is a great place to just walk around ad enjoy the historic setting and take pictures.  It’s going through a lot of transition right now so there is always something a little different each time I go.
Casco Viejo
So those are a few of my favorite free things to do in Panama, also check out the PTY Life Event Page for several FREE events going on in Panama City.

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