After my Spanish Class at Casco Antiguo Spanish School today I was walking around Casco and stumbled upon a store called Papiro y Yo.  They had a sign out front that said “25% off everything” so I decided to take a look inside.  The store had a lot of really cool handmade items like baskets, jewelry, picture frames, etc.  I decided to purchase two large baskets to use for laundry because my current basket was an eyesore.  The baskets are handmade and they were $22.50 each after the discount which is at least what I would have paid for something at a store.  I think they look great in my room and now I have a “go to” store if I need to buy someone a unique gift.

Experience Panama


I'm from Louisville, Kentucky and moved to Panama in 2011 to finish a degree in International Business. I enjoyed the hot tropical weather and the lifestyle on offer in Panama City so much that I decided to make it my permanent residence. Follow @JoeyBonura on Twitter and Instagram for more updates on my life in Panama.


  1. Natalie Brown Reply

    I have one of their handbags! I get lots of compliments on it and I'm happy to see that somebody else can enjoy this place with me!

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