San Blas, Panama

A Day in Paradise

I recently had a friend visit and decided to take her to the San Blas Islands in Panama.  It is about a three hour drive from Panama City so we left aroud 5:30 am and then stayed in San Blas until 4:00 pm.  San Blas has some of the most beautiful beaches with crystal clear water so I love just going for the day and relaxing. We first visited one of the Guna Indian communities, then did some island hopping and had lunch. Here are a few photos from the day:

For information on the San Blas day trip, check out my other post here.

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  1. Joey Bonura

    I've always just done the day trips to San Blas. I'm sure it would be fine to stay the night though but be aware that accommodations will be as basic as it gets unless you want to pay a lot.

  2. Kristin McNeil

    Have you ever rented a car and driven yourself? I get car sick and so does my son so I would feel more comfortable doing that. Is there anywhere to spend the night that you would recommend in San Blas or not so much?

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