Dainer 16

Dainer 16: Quick Southern Comfort Food In Panama


One of the things that has been on my to do list for a while is to expand the Food section on this blog. It wouldn’t be that hard for me to just take a few pictures while I am out eating and write a quick review of the place, but I always forget to do it.

Today I went to a new restaurant for breakfast called Dainer 16 and I actually remembered to take a few pics! Dainer 16 just opened on Calle 65 towards Via Porrras in San Francisco and I am not sure what the official type of food is but for me it was southern comfort food. The menu is simple and includes things like chicken & waffles, all you can eat pancakes, burgers, pork & hash, and a very good beer selection.

Outside of Dainer 16, it looks like they haven't added the sign yet.

Outside of Dainer 16, it looks like they haven’t added the sign yet.

I wanted to get the chicken & waffles but they were out of chicken so I ordered the bacon & waffles instead. After I paid for the food it was literally out in 5 fives minutes – which is record time for anything in Panama! The waffles were good and included delicious strawberry jam but it’s hard to judge a restaurant based on something basic like waffles.

Waffles at Dainer 16

Waffles at Dainer 16

I like the ambience of the restaurant and there aren’t very many places in Panama that serve that type of food so I want to return back soon to try some of the more complex dishes.

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