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The Ultimate Place To Stay In Panama

From the Trump, Hard Rock, Waldorf, and more – Panama City offers a plethora of hotels! But when traveling it can be nice to have a place that has the conveniences from home. A place where you can catch up on laundry, make your own meals, and then clean your own dishes after – your own apartment.

Read below for my review on one of the ultimate services to use for short term apartment rentals in Panama and several destinations around the world.

Planning the visit

Panama CityMy parents recently spent 10 days visiting me in Panama. It was my mom’s fifth time coming and it was my dad’s first so I really wanted them to have a good time. Whenever people visit I become a full on travel planner searching for the perfect hotels, tours, restaurants, and activities to do. The plan I came up for my parents was to spend a few days in the city, a few on Contadora Island, and a few at Playa Bonita’s all inclusive resort. It would be a good introduction to the country for my dad, we would get to go to some of my mom’s favorite places in Panama.

Normally my mom stays at my apartment when she visits but my dad is allergic to dogs so I needed to find a pet free place to stay. For our stay in the city I needed something with space for three people and I wanted it to be in Casco Viejo or something in the city that had an amazing pool.

Timing couldn’t be more perfect

A month before my parents were supposed to arrive, I received an email from Vladimir De Suarez, the owner of a luxury apartment rental website called Corporate Stays. They have one-of-a-kind fully furnished properties in world class cities around the globe including Miami, Medell­n, Montreal, Toronto, Panama City, and more. He came across PTY Life and invited me to stay at any of their apartments in Panama City for a few nights to write a review on my blog. Timing couldn’t be more perfect.

A modern apartment in an iconic location

I browsed the Corporate Stays website selected a one bedroom apartment with a large couch right on Avenida Balboa. It looked beautifully furnished and was in one of the most iconic and recognized locations in Panama City.

I met the property manager Linette earlier in the day to get the keys to the apartment before my parents arrived so that I could stock it with snacks and drinks. She was super friendly and helpful and gave me a quick tour of the apartment.

It had an amazing view overlooking the ocean and Avenida Balboa and furnished with everything we could need during our short stay: dishes, blender, coffee maker, TV, internet, telephone, laundry, nice couch, king size bed, walk in closet, gym, pool, and plenty more!

Corporate Stays

It had the amazing pool I was looking for

At the pool

The next day my parents and I crossed the street and took a walk on Cinta Costera, had breakfast in Casco Viejo, and then headed back to hit up the rooftop pool.

Since we had our own kitchen we were able to buy items at the nearby grocery to make sandwiches and margaritas to have at the pool.

The pool is located on the 44th floor of the building and the view is insane! One side overlooks the ocean and Avenida Balboa while the other overlooks the city center. We found it entertaining to watch the Panamanian style driving going on below.

On our last night at the apartment I returned to the roof to test out my new camera for some night shots and was able to capture these photos so you can see how great the view from the top is:

What a view!

What a view!

We then said goodbye to our temporary home in Panama City and jet setted off to Contadora Island for the next leg of our journey in Panama.

For a complete view of the apartments on offer from Corporate Stays you can visit their website at CorporateStays.com or download their iPhone app for bookings on the go. Also, be sure to give a LIKE on their Facebook Page and FOLLOW them on Twitter!

*Due to a recent law, apartment rentals in Panama City must be longer than 45 days so the arrangement I had with Corporate Stays is something not normally permitted. Corporate Stays follows the local laws of each city they manage apartments in and minimum required days can vary by city.  

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