Panama’s historic district, Casco Viejo, is once again being threatened to be removed from the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Casco Viejo was added to the UNESCO list in 1997 and until recently has been in good standing with the organization as the area has slowly gone from a slum to one of Panama’s most visited destinations. When plans were announced to build Cinta Coster 3, a viaduct that would connect Avenida Balboa to Avenida Las Poetas, UNESCO warned Panama that doing so could cause them to lose the title because the road would block the original ocean view.

The road encircling Casco Viejo was inaugurated on April 9, 2014 and UNESCO has just released a report on their website explaining the negative impact of the viaduct.

The construction of Cinta Costera Phase III causes an evident impact on the relationship of the Historic District and its maritime wider setting. This was already a key conclusion by previous missions and the Decisions of the World Heritage Committee.

The report also goes on to suggest a reduction in the area that is considered a World Heritage site.

Mar­a Eugenia Herrera, the Director of Panama’s Culture Institute, downplayed the released report and told La Prensa that “Panama has excellent relations with Unesco at this time. We have delivered all the necessary documentation.”

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  1. Elisa, That is exactly the beach I was looking for today as I am planning our trip to PTY. I remember how beautiful it was when I was there years ago, Palenque Beach on the Atlantic side is the place. Now I just need to find it on a map and find a way to get there. We did a day trip (it was a rough ride) leaving early and enjoyed a beautiful time and delicious Caribbean style seafood.

  2. I found your page today and started to read some of your articles…Man i`ve been laughing out loud for the past hour or so!! I am really glad you are enjoying my country and all of its ups and downs! This last article is really sad, but i have some suggestions for you from the other articles. If you want to find and awesome pool, go to playa blanca hotel… in playa blaca which has one of the largest pools in latin america! if you want great coffee with couches and free wifi, go to kotowa coffee house; there are several in the city ( one near the airport in albrook and one in centennial mall). If you want to go to the beach, go to house ON the beach… and the beaches in the caribbean sea are more beautiful than the ones in the pacific… more calm and relax (Palenque in Costa arriba colon is very beautiful! they have houses for rent to which you can go with your friends! It's away from everything so take a couple of beers and food for supplies. My neighbour's name is Cabalo Anguizola and he has a really cool house for rent only 5 steps away from the beach!) In Casco viejo there are other places like Teatro with great ambience and different music, but you should also try the restaurants there, cause man they have good food! definitely recommend for you to have an ice cream at Gran Clements which is in the street where the police station is (waze it). Do a picnic at Panama Viejo, Parque Omar or Summit, They are great! OH, and in Gamboa Resort they have these thing that takes you through the middle of the forest in the air! it's awesome!


  3. Joel Dominguez Reply

    How it has changed our old neighborhood. Unrecognizable!

  4. Jonathan De Fr­as Carrasco Reply

    Oh Noo, this it will be terrible. I hope that nothing happens.

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