The sleepy historic area of Casco Viejo, Panama comes alive at night and one the best ways to experience it is by bar hopping! Here is my guide on how to have the ultimate bar hopping night – visiting 7 bars, consuming 7 drinks, and only spending $25.

Get Your Night Tour Kit

Paying $8 – $10 for a simple mixed drink and $20 cover charges can take the fun out of bar hopping so the key to keeping the night affordable is by getting a Soy del Casco Night Tour Kit. The kit is just $25 and includes…

– A pass that gets you FREE ENTRY into Casco’s coolest bars including Relic, 1688, La Septima Central, Lazotea, Nomada Eatery, Casa Jaguar, and Gatto Blanco… SAVING YOU MONEY (some these bars typically charge $20 cover)

– 7 drink tickets that get you a free welcome drink at each bar (only includes drinks made with Ron Abuelo (local dark rum), Seco (local white rum), or Balboa (local beer). Please do not purchase if you do not like rum or beer. 


Getting your pass is easy! Just visit this link and select the date you would like to use your pass, follow the checkout instructions, and you’ll receive a confirmation email with details on where you can pick up your pass in Casco Viejo.

Once armed with your kit and crew you are ready to have the ultimate bar hopping night in Casco Viejo! The kit is valid on the day you choose from 6 pm – 3 am so you can start or end at whatever time you like, but here’s my guide on how to try and make it to all seven bars in one night.



The pickup point for the bar hopping pass is Nomada Eatery so you can also grab your first drink here. They also have delicious sandwiches, burgers, & more if you need to fill up before starting the tour.

Nomada Eatery / calle 9 oeste y ave eloy a



Lazotea / ave eloy alfaro y calle 11 

Start the night off at the beautiful Lazotea Rooftop at Hotel Casa Panama. This is a fantastic spot to have a drink and view the lit up Panama City skyline in the distance.



Relic / calle 9 oeste y ave eloy alfaro

Go from the rooftop to the underground setting of Relic for your next drink. It’s located on the bottom floor of Luna’s Castle Hostel with a large outdoor terrace and a cave-like indoor bar.



1688 / calle 9 oeste y ave eloy alfaro

Located upstairs inside Luna’s Castle is 1688, a craft cocktail bar overlooking Relic. If you’re hungry, be sure to stop at El Corazon on the way up for some tasty Filipino street food.


gatto blanco

Gatto Blanco / ave b entre calle 8 & 9

After three drinks in it’s time to the Gatto Blanco Rooftop for some sexy house music!




La Septima Central / ave central y calle 11 este

La Septima Central is one of the newest hotspots in Casco, and the place can get packed! There’s usually a $20 cover charge so flash your pass and walk in for free.



Casa Jaguar / ave central y calle 11 este

Casa Jaguar is one of the wildest places to party in Panama City! Enjoy electronic music on the outdoor terrace or head inside for a mix of Latin and crossover tunes.



Call An Uber

Bars close at 4 am so call an Uber to head home (enter UBERPTYLIFE for a free ride) or visit one of these late night eateries if you have the munchies!

Experience Panama


I'm Joey, a guy from Louisville, Kentucky that packed up and studied abroad in Panamá at the age of 20 and haven't moved back since. What started as a semester trip to Panamá has turned into 7+ years of living in Latin America and becoming a full-time travel blogger. Follow me on Instagram @joeybonura for more updates on my life abroad!


  1. Mary Dolban Reply

    On the Casco Viejo tour we found out some of the bars only offered beer or rum so if you drink wine your out of luck.

    • Tiffany Pham

      I am visiting Panama City for a 19 hour layover on September 3rd. Is this tour kit and bar hopping route worth it on a Monday night? If not, please link your blog where I should read up on other ways to spend my night in Panama City!

    • Joey Bonura

      Hi Tiffany most of the bars are not open on Monday so it wouldn’t work. You could visit the Tantalo rooftop for drinks instead.

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