Butt Injections: Going to the doctor in Panama

I recently wrote an article about how I had to stay home sick for New Year’s in Panama so I would like to tag onto that with the doctor’s visit that followed.

I am an extremely anti-doctor person, I’ll only go if I think I might die, otherwise I prefer to get over it naturally.  But for the first time since I have been here I got so sick that I really had to go.  I caught something in the states that started as a small sore throat and turned into 103.5 fever that wouldn’t go down after having tylenol all day.  My body ached, my head was dizzy and throbbing, and I could only stay awake for about an hour and then would have to take a 2 hour nap.

But since I hate going to the doctor I suffered with this until around 7 pm, then I caved in and texted a friend to please pick me up and bring me to one.  My friend picked me up and we went to the 24 hour Clinica Los Portales in San Francisco located on Ave Manuel Quilano and Via Porras, next to the Puma gas station.  It’s very basic but it’s cheap and you don’t need an appointment so it gets the job done.  

Once  we checked in I just had to wait around 10 minutes to see the doctor and I got a pretty un-thorough examination.  She just asked me what my symptoms were and then stuck a stick in my mouth to see my throat and said I had a throat infection.  She prescribed me some pills, throat spray, and 4 shots of antibiotic.  She said I would get my first shot that day and then would need to return each day for the remaining ones.

I had to go back up to the counter to pay for the doctor visit and shot before they would administer it to me.  The doctor visit was $20 and the shot $16 which is pretty awesome since I don’t have health insurance here.  I returned to the doctor with my piece of paper that said I paid she began to fill a giant syringe with antibiotic.  I started to roll up my sleeve and wondered how she was going to stick that giant needle in my arm.  The doctor soon made a motion that I needed to turn over and when I pointed to my arm she shook her head and said it goes in my butt.

I’ve never had a butt injection before, but I have had plenty of first experiences in Panama so this will be a new one on the list.  I turned over on my stomach and exposed my bottom to the doctor and she injected the antibiotic into my right cheek.  IT HURT SO BAD!  I clenched my teeth and squeezed my hands together to try and not think about the pain.

When it was finally over I got up and had to limp out of the doctor’s office.  Thank god I didn’t try to walk to the clinic by myself or else that would have been a long walk home.  I was not looking forward to 3 more of these painful injections.

My friend and I stopped at the pharmacy on the way home to get the other medicines prescribed and then I headed home for some much needed rest.  Between my friend picking me up, going to the doctor without an appointment, receiving my butt injection, getting my prescription and getting home only took 45 minutes so I definitely appreciate how easy it is to take care of medical issues here.

Also, I am now a believer in butt injections.  After getting two injections I felt so much better than I did the previous days and by the end of my injections I was almost completely better.  Two days after after getting the injections I can say I am 100% better.

Here’s the total cost of my doctor visit so you can have an idea of what it costs to go to the doctor in Panama:

Consultation: $20

4 600mg injections of Clindamicina at $16 each: $64

6 pills of fever reduction medicine and throat spray: $10.88

Total: $94.88

I am sure there are places that I could have gone that are less expensive but Los Portales is near me so the convenience is really worth it.  Luckily I don’t get sick very often so hopefully I won’t need to return for a while.  If you have any suggestions for where else to go to the doctor in Panama leave a comment below and I’m sure others will appreciate it.

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  1. Gerald Traveller

    I appreciate your comment Joey and is very helpful for people comming to Panama to know about that. I have been in the same situation many times. Sometimes injections are the better way to fight with this problem. Sometimes are not good if you are alergic to some vaccines. In that case the doctor must ask you some questions before he apply it in your body. We have a problem now with the dengue in all Panama. So if you have that symptoms do the same action. Go to the doctor immediatelly and dont stay at home alone. Your life is more valuable.

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