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1. Mini Vacations: Every weekend I have the opportunity to take a “mini vacation” by relaxing at the pool or going to one of Panama’s beaches.  Most people only get to dream of doing this for 1 week out of the year.

Metrobus Panama

2. Cheap Public Transportation: I used to have a car in states and I have to say I do not miss it at all.  I use the metro bus to get to work everyday for .25 cents and when I use a taxi it is only $2 – $3 anywhere in the city.  Although the public transportation is cheap, it comes with a price.  Sometimes I wait an hour for the bus and sometimes I wait a minute.  It’s also up to the taxi driver if he wants to take me to my destination so I sometimes have to stop 5 cabs before one of them will take me.


3. Cheap Fruits and Vegetables: I have recently become obsessed with juicing and I’m happy that I started my obsession in a location with cheap fruits and vegetables.  Most of the fruits and vegetables are locally grown so they have a much lower price tag than ones that are imported. However, most other foods here are a little bit more expensive than in the states.


4. Always Something New: I love always having something new to see in Panama.   There is constantly a new restaurant, bar, nightclub, or store opening.  It’s been impossible to be bored.


5. Warm Weather: When I lived in Kentucky it was freezing cold for about 4 months out of the year and this is absolutely miserable.  It’s not enjoyable to be outside, I had to wear 10 layers of clothes and put them on and off when going into buildings, my skin becomes dry and flakes off everywhere, walking through wet snow makes me want to cry, driving through snow is even worse, and I have around 100 other reasons why I am anti-winter.  Not dealing with winter has been a life changing decision and provides a much better quality of life.  There’s no reason to be miserable for 4 months 😉


6. No Catastrophic Storms: I feel like weekly there is some state or country that is destroyed by a tornado, earthquake, tsunami, etc. Why in the world would you choose to live somewhere where that happens? In Panama there have been no catastrophic natural disasters; the only weather that we have is dry season where it doesn’t rain and is beautiful everyday for four months and wet season where it rains for an hour a few days a week.

So that’s my top 6 favorite things about living in Panama.  Leave a comment below and let me know what yours is!

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I'm Joey, a guy from Louisville, Kentucky that packed up and studied abroad in Panamá at the age of 20 and haven't moved back since. What started as a semester trip to Panamá has turned into 7+ years of living in Latin America and becoming a full-time travel blogger. Follow me on Instagram @joeybonura for more updates on my life abroad!


  1. Mario Cortizo Reply

    Jose Angel pues no pareciera porque uno no puede amar algo que odia. Deber­as aprender el significado de la palabra HATE. Si entiendo porque te disgusta Panam¡, pero existe una gran diferencia entre disgusto y odio.

  2. Jose A. Moreno Reply

    Mario Cortizo mira yo amo Panama y su gente!, pero me disgusta por todo lo que acabo de decir. Me vas a decir que me largue por expresar lo que pienso y he visto? por gente intolerante como tu es que el mundo est¡ como est¡.

  3. Mario Cortizo Reply

    Obvio TODOS los pa­ses tienen cosas malas pero ninguna raz³n para odiarlo. Si ODIAS Panam¡, agarra tus maletas y LRGATE!!

  4. Jose A. Moreno Reply

    I am a panamanian, born and raised in Panama City. The reasons that you state are 100% true, but i will tell you I HATE this country. My reasons: PA QUE LES DUELA!
    1 . I must tell you, if you take taxis constantly, beware because there are some thiefs, coloquially known as "maliantes" that drive taxis and drive people just looking to steal from them and then they threaten you with knifes or guns.. It happened to me once in a taxi, thankfully I got out of there alive.
    2. You may be bit by a dengue-mosquito anytime, these are abundant and the virus that they carry is lethal. You can die.
    3. I've been to the US and the food there is WAY-better. And Panama offers low quality food almost in any supermarket.
    4.Public healthcare sucks(CAJA DE SEGURO SOCIAL) they have killed many people with their public healthcare system. Unless you can afford private healthcare(really expensive), you are in trouble.
    5. Everything is freaking land-marked in Panama. THIS drives me crazy. Try to get to somewhere you haven't been and ask someone for directions and they will give you funky ones.
    6. Salaries are way lower than the ones in US. If an engineer is lucky he can make like 20,000$ a year. THAT IS NOT EVEN MINIMUM WAGE FOR A SCHOOL JANITOR IN THE US. You think that's fair?
    7. It is after all a developing country, with third-world problems and this things do not surprise me. HATERS GONNA HATE.

  5. i lived for one year in panama, and i have to say, i hateeeee to eat twice a day rice in panama :p hahaha, and about the trash is also true, i went Always with a colegial to school and sometimes we stopped at the drive in from mcdo, we eat the food in the bus, and the panamenians just threw the trash out of the window on the street. In Panamenian home when there was trash, they just burned it … yes i think panamenians just don't know it's important or something …

  6. Joey Bonura Reply

    Exactly! There is no such thing as a perfect county. I am fine with putting up with the negatives of living in Panama because I enjoy the positives more.

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