7 Days I Hate Living In Panama

If you’ve read my other blog posts you know that I speak very positively about Panama.  It’s a great place to be and I love living here, but it’s definitely not perfect.  So for this post I’m going to change it up a bit with some negativity.  Here are 7 days that I hate living in Panama:


1. Being told “No Voy” by five taxi drivers in a row…


…and then getting the sassy finger wave.


2. Walking outside and a monsoon rainfall comes out of nowhere.


And an umbrella is useless.


3. Asking a store employee if they have another size shirt in the back.


But you didn’t even look!


4. Quincena (Pay Day)


It’s madness out there!


5. Falling into one of these:





6. Going out the night before to find that the water is shut off in the morning and then arriving to work like this:


Sorry I smell like Ron Abuelo and Niko’s Cafe.


And the day I hate MOST in Panama…

7. When the cashier at Super 99 swipes an item from the person behind me and has to call the manager to remove it.


I just want to pay for my groceries!

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  1. David V

    You should plan a trip to a Panamanian Government Institution, like for example the Social Security. You will definitely Hate Panama more and add an additional number to your list.

  2. Leyda

    LOL! You cracked me up with this, you could not be more realistic. I am a Panamanian living outside the country for 12 years now and since I discover your blog page, I have laughed way too much. Thank you for sharing your experience in my beautiful Panama. It brings me great memories.

    • Neurobashing

      What a thoughtful and intelligent response, I would of never guessed there was not no such thing as “Perfect”. So I guess the “idiot” is really you, or should I say “Dumbass”?

  3. Izmir Henry

    I'm a panamanian who is living for a while in Germany and you just made me laugh with this post and I will admit that although I hate this things I still miss them, hope you keep making me miss this things even more, I'll try to go around here more often!

  4. Michelle E. Hughes

    Hay que ser maduros y aceptar que el pa­s no es perfecto. Ahora no vengan con que aman los no voy, los tranques, las alcantarillas destapadas y el mal servicio al cliente. Lo primero que dice el blog es lo mucho que le gusta vivir aqu­. Este tipo de comentarios est¡n de mas.

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